In today's world “awareness” is a crucial aspect of our lives. It impacts almost everything we do... or not do. We know that many factors contribute to our behaviours, our feelings and our beliefs. What many of us do not always realize is the fact that the absence of specific factors often has a significant impact as well.

Bullying is a significant, negative topic in our society today. Just Isaac has developed a program to bring awareness of it to youth in a manner never before seen. Just Isaac is a dynamic speaker who is able to make an indelible connection with his audience, and direct their attention toward the broad implications of bullying. Not only will he help the audience focus on the victims, but he will also help them focus on those who do the bullying. In his presentation he will shine light on this issue from different angles, and expand the understanding of his audience to the point where both the abuser and the abused are able to receive rehabilitative impact, as well as those who consider themselves neutral bystanders. In fact, contrary to common belief, nobody is neutral.

In addition to this significant topic, Just Isaac has also created a discourse on personal health. As an accomplished boxer and trainer for many years, he approaches physical health from a different perspective. He combines physical health with mental health, and considers both of equal importance with one enhancing the other.

His programs are worth being presented to youth in any platform that is offered to him. Not only will you not be disappointed, but you will be pleasantly surprised with his entertaining approachability and ability to connect with his audience. He will draw his listeners into a world they need to be made aware of, and help them understand that world, to the benefit of those innocent persons involved in this tragic phenomenon.